David Bradley

New and Old Political Media Are Battling for Dominance in the Century’s Wildest Election

There may be no group more hungry for information—and more desperate for news and gossip—than those who populate the halls of power in Washington, D.C. From congressional staffers to K Street lobbyists, the nation's capital—like Wall Street—feeds on immediate access to the most up-to-the-minute content.

Bloomberg LP Poaches Atlantic Media’s Justin Smith

Bloomberg LP has made another big raid on old media again, poaching Justin Smith from the Atlantic Media Co. to be global media CEO.

Dinner with ‘The Atlantic’

The Atlantic has gotten loads of attention on Twitter and Facebook for provocative cover stories lately (Lori Gottlieb’s “How to Land Your Kid in Therapy” and Kate Bolick’s “All the Single Ladies,” to name a couple), and now it’s goi

Atlantic Media Eyes Expansion With New Hire

Having turned around The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Co. chairman David Bradley is bringing on Time Inc. and Meredith Corp.

‘National Journal’ Undergoes Overhaul

Atlantic Media Company owner David Bradley, whose Atlantic turned a profit for the first time ever last year, is now in the process of overhauling his other flagship publication, the National Journal, reports the New York Post's Keit