David Bowie

A Year Later, W+K Remembers David Bowie With Stunning Data-Driven Breakdown of ‘Space Oddity’

The great thing about an artist as prolific as David Bowie is that his work will continue to spawn new creations. He left us with a constellation of intersecting worlds we can live in and reinterpret for generations to come.  Naturally, and perhaps because advertising also owes him a debt, creative people will want to do a lot of this spawning themselves. For its first window display of 2017, Wieden + Kennedy London created "Space Oddity—a visual deconstruction," a data-driven tribute to Bowie's work marking the one-year anniversary of his death.

Prince’s Death Has Completely Dominated Social Media, This Twitter Data Shows

Prince's tragic death on Thursday has kept Twitter buzzing for 24 hours, including some poorly executed tweets from brands.

Alligator, Space Invader: The Many Faces of David Bowie in Advertising

In losing David Bowie, we lost an avatar. But you knew that already. Here's a retrospective of Bowie's many appearances in advertising, which are as diverse as the man himself. His close relationship to the industry is also satisfyingly personal: Before blowing our minds just like he thought he would, Bowie spent a year at Nevin D. Hirst Advertising as a commercial artist in training. So simmer in that warm tidbit, which ties us ever closer to the Diamond Dog, as we take a reverse-chronological meander through his ad appearances. 

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Agency Writes Original Holiday Album, Pleads With David Bowie to Cover a Song

Speaking of Christmas miracles, The VIA Agency would like to make one of its own happen. The Portland, Maine, agency's house band recorded a six-track album of holiday music, and has launched a campaign to get David Bowie to cover one of the songs. Hey, it could happen.

Scorsese Spot For Dolce & Gabbana Breaks Out on YouTube

When it comes to brands as publishers on YouTube, it's typically Red Bull or GoPro's world. But not last week. 

Ad of the Day: David Bowie Serenades Arizona Muse for Louis Vuitton

David Bowie is usually up for anything. And the 66-year-old rocker's latest little detour involves serenading 25-year-old model Arizona Muse at a lavish Venetian masked ball in this Louis Vuitton commercial.

Ad of the Day: Sony Xperia Z

Fun fact: Associating with David Bowie, whether in physical or purely musical form, instantly increases your cool factor by about 1 trillion percent. See: fashion model Iman, TV series Flight of the Conchords, the movie Labryinth and Lincoln Motor Co.