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This Digital Privacy Company Is Using Twitter Ads to Stalk People Who Have Guns or STDs

Nobody likes to be tracked on the Internet, but certain people especially don't like to be tracked—and a digital privacy firm is trying to take advantage of that.

Here’s How Europe Is Stifling the Ad Business for Google, Facebook and Others

Regulators squeezing Google. Privacy watchdogs eyeing Facebook. Consumers flocking to ad blockers. It all adds up to a chilling climate in Europe that could get in the way of digital ad ambitions there, according to industry experts.

The Guardian Corrects and Clarifies Story That Damaged Whisper App

The Guardian has issued a correction and clarification on a months-old damning report that stung the anonymous sharing app Whisper and its staff. It turns out that alleged privacy problems may not have been as egregious as first reported.

Apple Blocks Developers From Selling User Health Data to Marketers

Apple updated its privacy policy to prohibit the sale of user health data to advertisers, according to The Financial Times. The policy update comes just ahead of an anticipated Sept.

Facebook Is Beginning to Look Like a Bona Fide Online Ad Network

Now that Facebook will include users’ Web behavior to fine-tune targeting, it’s only a matter of time before it expands its ad network to outside publishers, according to marketing experts.

FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Fights for Data Security and Privacy Rights

One year into her tenure as chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, Edith Ramirez is putting the agency front and center as the nation’s leading enforcer on privacy and data security.

Consumers Buffeted by Security Hacks Still Don’t Understand Data Privacy

In spite of being constantly worried about online security in the wake of numerous data hacks and security breaches among top Web companies and retailers, market research firm Toluna found that people still don’t really understand online privacy and data securit