Even Drone Haters Have to Admit This Cirque du Soleil Film Is Hypnotic and Charming

Non-combat drones are good for lots of stuff: carrying advertising banners, delivering beer and generally just freaking people out abou

Ad of the Day: Coke and Marquese Scott Take His Robotic, Hypnotic Moves to the Next Level

The last time Marquese Scott stepped onto the stage of Atlanta's Fox Theatre, it was for one of several reality-show auditions that failed to elevate him out of anonymity. In fact, he was told to stop trying. "One of the judges told me I was not going to be more than a club dancer," Scott recalls in a message to his YouTube fans. 

Trained Dancers Are Completely Appalled by This Ballet Ad for Free People Clothing

Imagine a Gatorade ad where a kicker misses every field goal, or a Nike spot where a runner trips over hurdles. It would be a little bizarre.

Diesel Creates an Alphabet of Dance to Promote Flexible New Jeans

Diesel's promoting its new Jogg jeans collection via a fun and informative A-to-Z of Dance video featuring all manner of talented dancers sporting the flexible jersey-denim hybrid line.

Dancers Portray ‘Human Sushi’ in Crazy Seafood Ads

Ad agency Try/Apt put together a series of spots for the Norwegian Seafood Council that show modern dancers frolicking around as pieces of fish in an attempt to make sushi more appealing. That's one way, I guess. The masked dancers in the "Maki" ad suggest, at least visually, a touch of the Innsmouth Curse, which isn't something I'd put in an ad that's ultimately about food. But I still like the idea here. Weird conceptual ads are a welcome breather from the endless wacky-office-culture crap we get in the States. Two more spots after the jump.

To Advertisers, Marquese Scott Has All the Right Moves

We seem to have reached a point where it's almost too easy to convince clients to use YouTube stars in their spots. Case in point: Not one, not two, but three marketers are currently featuring the dubstepping dance dynamo Marquese Scott in campaigns. Check him out in two spots that broke last week—Coca-Cola's "One Song. Street Dancer," in which he busts a move thanks to Coke's free-song iTunes promotion; and Peugeot's "Let Your Body Drive" promotion (created by Initials Marketing), in which Scott unleashes a whole cadre of moves in a parking garage and then invites you to submit your dance moves for a chance to win a trip to Ibiza. He even shows you the Peugeot-branded "208 Body Drive" move. As Adweek mentioned earlier, he's also in the new Roomba spot—doing the robot, of course. With all these promotions, it seems that Scott is certainly living up to his nickname: Nonstop. UPDATE: Scott also did a spot back in January for Audio-Technica's Solid Bass headphones. See that one after the jump.

DanceOn’s Formula for YouTube Success

If DanceOn is any indicator, YouTube is on to something with its much-hyped $100 million, 96-channel rollout.

This Japanese Milk Ad Will Creep You Out

Hey guys, do me a big favor and remind me NEVER to run out of milk in Japan. I mean, here in the States, I would just drive to the store. But over there, my demon-possessed mother would make me breakdance-cartwheel all the way across town. If you're worried you'll have nightmares about the mom in the clip below, I have good news.

The Programming Insider: Fox Wins First Night of Summer Season

In Today's Issue Prime-Time Metered Market Thursday Ratings: Solid Return for So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Ratings Box: What’s Hot/What’s Not On the Air This Weekend: Prime-Time Programming Options TV Tidbits: Notes of Interest

EVB positions ballet for the next generation

True or false: In our postmodern, high-tech age, ballet is more relevant than ever. It's a trick question—ballet was never relevant. Which brings us to EVB's photo mash-up campaign for […]