Tillamook Wants to Hear Your Opinions on Cheese, Yogurt, Milk and More

Do you like your pepper jack cheese to have an extra kick? What about your yogurt? Is it creamy enough for you? Do you want your dairy company to hear what you have to say about its products and—this is the crazy part—take action?

Stiff Butter, Soy Milk Ruin Lives in Ads for Australian Dairy Brand

Unyielding butter is the worst. It ruins toast, and tween girls' relationships with mothers, and mothers' relationships with new husbands. So says this cheeky new :30 spot from DDB Melbourne for Devondale, an Australian dairy brand. The ad follows a set from earlier this year, in which soy-milk-aftertaste face (the evil twin of pudding face) makes one unwitting man's daughter cry, and sends another's wife off on a tirade about having children. Of course, even if they all bought Devondale's soft butter spread or cow milk products, they'd still be living with a bunch of crazy people. All three videos after the jump. (Via Mumbrella) 

This Japanese Milk Ad Will Creep You Out

Hey guys, do me a big favor and remind me NEVER to run out of milk in Japan. I mean, here in the States, I would just drive to the store. But over there, my demon-possessed mother would make me breakdance-cartwheel all the way across town. If you're worried you'll have nightmares about the mom in the clip below, I have good news.

South African dairy births animal super race

The "Rediscover Dairy" project from South Africa's milk producers is aimed at teaching the public about the natural health benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt. But there's nothing natural about […]