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Which Music Artists Transcend the Gender and Age Divides

Generationally speaking, there's often a vast divide in musical taste—as most parents of teenagers can attest. When it comes down to men versus women, some names easily top both Top 40 lists, while other popular artists (for example, Kanye West and Taylor Swift) may see a sea of gender uniformity as they stare out from their stages.

Pharrell Williams Joins NBC’s The Voice

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams is bringing his talents to NBC’s The Voice.

Daft Punk’s Cool ’70s-Era Merchandise Posters Are Dripping With Retro Style

Is there anything Daft Punk makes that isn't amazing? Except maybe for the sweaty smell inside those helmets? Even stuff they don't make is awesome.And here's their latest stunning creation: new retro-style posters promoting merchandise on their website. The ads, which click through on the site to badass gear including posters, T-shirts and a pretty sick belt buckle, are dripping with fantastic late-'70s-inspired disco-gloss, the perfect conceptual complement to the duo's Random Access Memories record. Lose yourself to ads, robot friends. More posters below. Via Pitchfork.