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What Marketers Need to Know About Internet of Things Data Security in 2017

If nothing else, 2016 taught the world that data security has become incredibly critical.

3 Ways Corporate Spies Might Be Watching Your Business and How to Stop Them

Business is a game of constant competition, but the widespread emergence of covert surveillance and tracking tools has expanded the playbook. Now, industrial espionage has a new dimension.

Can Ashley Madison Cheat Death?

Can Ashley Madison cheat death?Almost certainly not, experts said, as the flak surrounding the company's data-security breach continues to fly. Many are skeptical the infamous adultery site can come back from the devastating leak that has exposed customers and brought on $500 million in lawsuits.

Home Depot Reveals Customers’ Credit Card Data Got Hacked

The Home Depot acknowledged today that its payment system suffered a security breach that has apparently exposed credit card data since April,

Is Your Secret Safe With ‘Secret’ App?

Hackers recently showed that Secret, the anonymous social networking app that encourages users to "speak freely," may not be so secretive after all.

Snapchat CEO Discusses Data Leak

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has finally addressed a New Year's hack that exposed millions of users' personal data.

Snapchat Grapples With New Year’s Hack

Snapchat rang in the New Year with a hack.

House Passes Controversial Cyber Security Bill for Second Time

Despite a veto threat by President Obama and a vigorous campaign by privacy hawks, the House of Representatives easily passed a controversial cyber security bill that would make it easier for companies and the government to share threat information.

Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Headed for House Floor

A cybersecurity bill written to defend the nation's businesses against cyberattacks is headed for a House vote this week over the protests of Internet privacy advocates and some Democrats. 

Is Cispa the New SOPA?

The same groups that fought off the anti-piracy bill SOPA are now rallying the Internet community against Cispa, a cyber security bill introduced Thursday during a hearing of the House Intelligence Committee.