Health Groups Target Katy Perry for Marketing Pepsi

Can nutrition watchdogs shame Katy Perry to stop marketing Pepsi? A group of seven health organizations are going to try. On Tuesday, they plan to run an open letter to Perry urging her to not "exploit [your] popularity by marketing a product that causes disease in your fans."

Dora the Explorer Hawks Junk Food to Kids Like a Drug Pusher in New Ad

Food advocates are back with a new ad slamming Nickelodeon for accepting ads for junk food. The ad from the Center for Science in the Public Interest and five other children’s advocacy groups, continues with the "Wanted" theme.

Shaq Fouls Out With Nutrition Group

Shaquille O'Neal, the former basketball star who once told CNN he tries to "stay away from the sodas" to avoid diabetes, is now pitching a soda line carrying his name.

Bayer Threatened With Lawsuit Over Marketing for One A Day

Bayer could be facing multiple lawsuits over disease-preventing claims for its One A Day multivitamins. Warning that it might sue Bayer, the Center for Science in the Public Interest laid out its case today in a letter to the company.