Royal Caribbean Fills Virtual Ship With Celebrities

Royal Caribbean is hoping a new star-studded eight-minute commercial will help distance it from some of the cruise industry's negative public image.

Data Points: Summer Travel

It’s no surprise that travelers depend on the Internet to research and plan vacations. According to data from Google, online query activity peaks in July, when searches for domestic travel-related terms spike.

Royal Caribbean Crashes Tony Awards With Branded Segment

And now, a word from our sponsor … crammed awkwardly into the middle of the award show you're watching on TV. If you missed the latest mini-infomercial wedged between breathless acceptance speeches, then you weren't among the 6 million or so people watching Sunday night's 66th Tony Awards on CBS.

Carnival Cruise Lines Makes a Splash With Clever Out-of-Home Ads

Carnival Cruise Lines is no fish out of water when it comes to advertising on land. Check out the clever out-of-home work it's been doing lately, courtesy of ad agency Arnold. The fire-escape ad, in particular, is eye-catching. (Shame the water slide isn't operational—it could snake down into a water-filled dumpster.) Two more executions after the jump—one with parrots atop a billboard, the other a taxi-top that uses GPS to tell people how far they are from port. Via Ads of the World.

Wonderful Sea Beats Horrible Land in Ads for Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a new campaign titled "Land vs. Sea" via ad agency Arnold. Since many Americans are curbing their expenses by visiting places within driving distance, Carnival wanted to show what a bad idea a low-cost, land-based vacation can be. Expertly edited and well-timed, the first three spots tell a story about a poor couple who tried to go camping. Watch them in order—first "Food," then "Tent," then "Bear," posted below (which should be called "Bear and Mountain Lion")—to truly enjoy their unfortunate story. The actress particularly shines as she manages to run the gamut from unhappy camper to relaxed cruiser without falling into horrible bitchy-wife territory. That's an impressive feat, particularly when she's telling the hubby to shut up. They also created a family-oriented spot called "Noise," posted after the jump, which suggests skipping dangerous amusement parks in favor of Carnival's onboard water rides. I hope they continue that part of the story. I want to see what happens when the kids eat three hotdogs and throw up on the Spin Cycle.

1912 Titanic Ad Fail: Set Sail to Europe on a Big Ship Today!

Advertising fails are rampant online in 2011. But they've been around in old media since, well, pretty much forever.

Royal Caribbean does the math in latest ads

Here are a couple of quirky ads for Royal Caribbean that take a holiday from the typical fun-in-the-sun cruise-ship imagery. The spots, by JWT New York, focus on just how […]

Arnold crafts virtual aquariums for Carnival

Holy mackerel, Arnold's creative output is totally seaworthy lately. They've got the lure of advertising down pat. I don't mean to carp on it, but their campaigns reel you in. […]

Carnival dreams of a better, pantsless world

I saw this Carnival Cruise Lines poster from Arnold at a bus stop in Baltimore recently, and it cut right to the heart of me. I also dream of a […]

Carnival enlists fun director who directs fun

As part of its new campaign from Arnold, Carnival Cruises has introduced a "fun director," though he doesn't seem like much fun to me. This dude's tightly wound and intense, […]