Wikipedia Tells Marketers and PR Reps to Come Clean

Wikipedia is getting tough on marketers that corrupt entries for brands, products and individuals.The site—whose content about every topic known to man is curated by an army of unpaid public editors—is trying to limit paid postings, or at least force more disclosure when editors are paid.

McDonald’s Mascot ‘Happy’ Becomes Even More Terrifying in Horror Poster Contest

Turns out we weren't the only ones that found McDonald's newest Happy Meal mascot, "Happy," just a tad on the frightening side.Online marketplace DesignCrowd challenged its graphic design community to a Photoshop contest that would drop the much-maligned mascot into horror movie posters. While tapping into the obvious unease over this character (who's been used internationally for a while but is just now appearing in the U.S.), DesignCrowd also used this chance to stump for its approach to crowdsourced creative:"The public reaction hasn't been positive to the new McDonald’s mascot, and the company would have spent big money on it," DesignCrowd spokeswoman Josephine Sabin tells AdFreak. "Had they gone through a crowdsourcing marketplace, like DesignCrowd, McDonald's would have received hundreds of original designs for a great price."The first place winner received $200, which should afford the winner something like 66 Happy Meals. Take a look below at some of the better entries, and DesignCrowd's contest page for more. The winner is at the bottom of our gallery.

JDate Crowdsourced Its Ad Copy for Biggest Rebrand in 17 Years

JDate is running billboards in New York City's Times Square and a highly trafficked Los Angeles location with "Find Mr. Right to Left" ad copy, which came out of a recent social media contest. Brooklyn, N.Y.

Twitter Fans Make DirecTV’s New ‘Get Rid of Cable’ Ad One of the Bleakest Yet

When you leave people to their own devices, they tend to get nihilistic. When they get nihilistic, they make darkly comic scripts for DirecTV.Case in point: the satellite-TV company's Twitter-sourced fable—created in the style of Grey's long-running "Cable Effects" campaign—of what happens if you don’t cut the cord.

9 Ads That Could Spank the Competition in Pornhub’s Amateur Advertising Contest (SFW)

"Do you have what it takes to be the Creative Director of the world's No. 1 adult website?"That's the ballsy challenge from Pornhub, which recently launched a contest to create work-safe ads for the adult video site. "Traditionally, porn has been a taboo subject—but the fact is, over 35 million people visit every day," notes the challenge's creative brief. "How do we reach the next 35 million? We need a national advertising campaign that can be channeled through mainstream media."All entries must be "G-rated" and safe for work, although the results so far have been so drenched in innuendo that they probably don't qualify as either, as bros around the world let their creative juices flow.Check out the full gallery on the contest's (SFW) Tumblr page, or just browse some of the more interesting submissions below. It's going to be hard, but a few seem like they could go all the way.  —Bus stops are so hot right now. —This looks hot. Like, fire hazard hot.

Lay’s Asks for Potato-Chip Flavors Again, Gets Some Super Revolting Ideas

Once again, a snack-food brand learns why it should carefully stage-manage any attempts to crowdsource flavor ideas on the Internet.

5 Great Snapchat Ideas for Big Brands

Tongal wanted to wrap its head around Snapchat marketing, so in mid-November the crowdsourcing contest platform encouraged its social-media-minded community to contribute ideas for major brands.

A Social Spin on Greeting Cards

Ilya Pozin likes greeting cards, but he doesn’t like going to what he calls “the dreaded greeting card aisle at the store” to buy one. “You have all these horrible, mass-produced designs” that take forever to pick through, he complains. Not that e-cards (which are also mass-produced and take just as long to scroll through) are a huge improvement.

Lincoln Taps New Vimeo Creative Service

Outside the occasional trust-fund case, aspiring filmmakers are typically of the starving-artist variety until they get a significant break.

Scranton’s ABC Affiliate Refuses to Run Dunder Mifflin Ad During the Oscars

It's a dispute petty enough to be a subplot on The Office. WNEP-TV, the ABC affiliate for the show's hometown of Scranton, Pa., is refusing to run a TV spot for Dunder Mifflin paper products during the Oscars. Why? Most likely because the fictional brand is too connected to rival network NBC.