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Jennifer Garner Returns to TV as Capital One’s Newest Spokes-Celebrity

Jennifer Garner is back on TV and very upset with chairs in two new ads for Capital One's Venture Card.The visuals in the two spots, titled “Seats” and “Musical Chairs,” are bright and whimsical, which contrasts with Garner's concerned vocal delivery. Did one of those chairs kick a puppy or something? 

67% of Smartphone Owners Would Rather See Ads Than Pay for Premium Content

Fully 67 percent of smartphone users are willing to view ads to gain in-app premium content rather than pay for it, according to a Yankee Group study that was commissioned by

Citi Concludes Direct Marketing Review

The outcome of Citi’s direct marketing review for North America represents a split decision.Citi awarded direct mail and collateral responsibilities for its retail bank and credit cards to Havas Worldwide, even while assigning online advertising for the bank and its cards to Wunderman, according to sources.