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Retailers Are Finding That Data Vulnerability Can Undo Years of Brand Equity

Data breaches, as we have all learned, can be #EpicFails with far-reaching and destructive implications for brands.

Finally, a Japanese Ad That’s Both Surprising and Surprisingly Awesome

Japanese ads, as a rule, are hard to predict. But while most of them just seem odd for the sake of being odd, this commercial has a twist anyone can enjoy.

Gotham Preps First Ads for Citi AAdvantage

Gotham is developing its first campaign for the Citi AAdvantage credit card as the bank and airline restore a lead agency model for their joint brand.In recent years, the companies used agencies on a project basis, with either Publicis Kaplan Thaler, the lead creative shop for Citi, or McCann Erickson, lead agency for American Airlines, creating ads.