Washington’s Lottery in Final Stages of Review

Washington’s Lottery is in the final stages of a review, with a successful bidder expected to be announced Aug. 15 and begin work on Nov. 8, a state rep confirmed.The Washington State Lottery spends $12 million a year on the contract, an amount that includes both media and marketing services.

Creature Finds Its President in Seattle City Hall

Seattle agency Creature found its new president in City Hall.

William and Kate’s Nursery Decorator Screws Up Royally in Carling Ad

The congratulatory ads continue to roll in following the birth of William and Kate's royal baby on Monday. Here's Carling's entry from ad agency Creature—an amusing tale of a palace nursery decorator who's working off faulty information.

Ad of the Day: Museum of Glass

Shattering glass through sound waves alone is one of the more fascinating scientific party tricks. But when do you ever get to see it happen? Or better yet, make it happen?

Seattle Agency Offers Free Haircuts and Vintage Erotica

Should you happen to be in Seattle this Friday from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. and require a haircut, agency Creature has you covered with Free Hair Cut Friday. The creative firm has transformed its front window display into a delightful old-timey barbershop. Best of all, pedestrians will be able to gawk at you the whole time, transforming the simple ritual of hair cutting into what could arguably be considered performance art. One more thing: The experience comes complete with vintage erotic reading material to pass the time before your free shearing. Because what you really need is to be seen in a public storefront sporting a Bettie Page-inspired stiffy. If you go, let us know in the comments how it went and if they went so far as to hire a barbershop quartet for the stunt. Extra points if you post a picture of your bowl cut. For more details, check out the flier after the jump.

Seattle’s Best Coffee really goes down easy

What is it about Seattle's Best Coffee showing up in strange, frequently awkward situations? First, it turned baristas into stalkers in that cross-promotion with Burger King. Now, in new spots […]

Santa is skinnier, cooler with a Palm Centro

Get ready this Christmas for a newer, cooler Santa Claus. In fact, don't even call him Santa. Call him Claüs. So the story goes, Santa was sitting up in the […]

Copywriter totally sucks, gets decent job

Seattle agency Creature has hired 35-year-old copywriter Yutaka Tsujino, formerly of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, based almost solely on the consensus opinion that the guy completely sucks. Jim Haven, co-founder […]

Sierra Mist Free gets super technical online

OK, so I can’t be my usual cantankerous self about Vive La Mist, the new Web site by Creature in Seattle for Sierra Mist Free. Because it’s pretty cool. (I’m […]

A word from the world’s finest club

Given the dire state of affairs at Manchester United, with Malcolm Glazer provoking anger, despair, outrage and thrown plates of fish ’n’ chips among actual and honorary Mancunians everywhere, we […]