Today’s Dads Call Band-Aid Their No. 1 Best-Perceived Brand

As Father's Day approaches, what brand do dads think of most highly? Turns out it's Band-Aid.

How Carhartt Found Its Groove With Fixers and Hipsters

Tony Ambroza and the Maker Movement arrived at the Dearborn, Mich., offices of Carhartt about the same time four years ago.

4 Brands Bet on Social and Mobile to Boost Father’s Day Campaigns

Marketers are gung-ho on playing up photo-sharing and social media this year to tap into the power of dad, as seen in Father’s Day campaigns from Ace Hardware, Craftsman, Dremel and O2X.

For Some Retail Brands, Lifetime Guarantees Never Went Out of Fashion

Even if you’re up on your legal reading, it’s likely that you missed the case of Roy L. Pearson v. Soo Chung, et al. In 2007, Washington, D.C., resident Roy Pearson hauled a local store called Custom Cleaners to court over a bungled trouser alteration that cost $10.50.

Exactly What Tool Is Craftsman’s Handsome Model Selling?

The business of building a brand name suffers no shortage of hard lessons. Here’s one of the harder ones: Even if your name has been famous for generations, never assume the newest generation will know or care who you are.

Craftsman’s Pre-Roll Ad on YouTube Steals the NBA’s Holiday Thunder

The NBA's new "BIG: Color" commercial is a pretty big hit. Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the spot shows Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Russell Westbrook and Joe Johnson bouncing basketballs—at first seemingly at random, but soon the dribbling becomes rhythmic and melodic and begins to sound like the popular Christmas song "Carol of the Bells." The ad goes on to promote a special set of single-color Christmas Day uniforms, now available for purchase at the NBA Store. With almost 5.5 million views in five days, it's already the fifth-most-watched NBA video ever on YouTube. That's all good—except that a random YouTube pre-roll ad has been crashing the NBA's party. A 30-second spot for Craftsman tools (posted below) has been playing in front of the NBA ad on many of the YouTube views. And guess what? The Craftsman spot features drills, saws and other tools playing, yes, "Carol of the Bells." It's all but an identical idea. And viewers are noticing. "Did anyone get the same ad from craftsman but with drills?" asks one much-liked comment. Time for the NBA to swat this ad off its court. Credits below.

Fast Chat: Bob Winter, Crispin’s New ECD

Bob Winter is heading South. After growing up in Chicago and spending the bulk of his career there—working at DDB, Leo Burnett and most recently, Young & Rubicam, where he was chief creative officer—Winter is joining the Miami office of Crispin Porter + Bogusky as executive creative director.

Column: Comic Con Can Help You Sell … Everything

"Looka that guy!" shouted a New York City construction worker on the corner of 35th and 11th. "It's fuckin' Optimus Prime!"

Y&R ads put Craftsman tools through ringer

Some men are manly men—macho dudes who love nothing more than meeting up with buddies and playing around with their … tools. Cue Craftsman, which had Y&R Chicago assemble the […]