The New Yorker’s Anthony Weiner Cover Draws Praise on Twitter

Even as legacy news organizations work to find their footing online, the power of print endures on social media.

Shocker: ‘OK!’ and ‘Life & Style’ Both ‘Pregnant & Betrayed’

With their regularly rotating casts of Teen Moms, Kardashians and Brangelinas, it’s not unusual for celebrity weeklies to have a bit of cover story overlap. But the latest issues of OK! Weekly and Life & Style are so nearly identical that they might have you doing a double take at the drugstore checkout.

The 10 Most Controversial Mag Covers (Recently) Published

Sex sells. If it bleeds, it leads. There is value to shock—you don't have to be slinging dirt for TMZ to understand that.

What the Newsstand Hides

With the weak state of newsstand sales, magazines have to be more competitive than ever, leading some editors to take a more commercial approach for their newsstand buyers, as the example of Harper’s Bazaar’s March redesign illustrated. It’s not the only title that has a different version for subscribers.