Corn Flakes

Why 74-Year-Old Cheerios Is Still America’s No. 1 Cereal

It was 1941, and Lester Borchardt had a crazy idea. His employer, General Mills, was looking for a product that would compete with Wheaties and Corn Flakes in the growing ready-to-eat cereal category. The competing brands were made from corn; General Mills placed its bet on oats.

Growing Up the Son of a ‘Mad Man’ in Advertising’s Golden Era

There are many memories of the so-called "golden era" of advertising that are conjured up expertly by Matthew Weiner's Mad Men on

Kellogg’s Call to Breakfast Skippers

Chances are, you feel guilty about it already, but here it comes: While 93 percent of us believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, 56 percent of us skip it. Why? Well, chances are you know the answer to that, too: We’re really busy. In fact, according to NPD Group, Americans spend 13 minutes each day eating breakfast.

Kellogg’s Goes Back to the Land

After completing an overhaul of its master brand earlier this year, food conglomerate Kellogg’s is launching a new return-to-roots campaign, focused on the simplicity of some of its most classic breakfast cereals.