4 Legal Issues Brands Need to Understand Before Livestreaming on Periscope or Meerkat

Social marketing has always seemed dangerous for brands, and that's simply because things can go badly in real time. We've all seen the #fails.

Supreme Court Weighs Whether Aereo Is Simply Circumventing Copyright Law

Aereo could be in trouble. For more than an hour today, the Supreme Court weighed arguments that could change the future of TV.

Aereo vs. Broadcast TV: The Case That Could Change Everything

On April 22, attorneys for Aereo and the broadcast TV networks will face off before the Supreme Court in American Broadcasting Companies Inc. v. Aereo. The closely watched case could change the course of broadcast television and determine the future of the emerging over-the-top video marketplace.

Aereo’s Last Minute Moves Before the Legal Fight of Its Life

Aereo is trying some last-minute moves to rally consumers behind its streaming TV technology just days before it defends its system before the Supreme Court next week.

Aereo’s Kanojia Remains Confident Company Will Prevail in Supreme Court

In three weeks, Aereo, the upstart TV service will be fighting for its life before the Supreme Court. But Chet Kanojia, the Aereo’s CEO and founder, isn’t rattled at all.

Aereo Says It’s a Technological Step Not a Rube Goldberg Device

In a legal brief, Aereo has asked the Supreme Court to reject broadcasters' arguments that its antenna-based Internet streaming service is "a sort of Rube Goldberg device" and just "a clever way to take advantage of existing laws."

Government Sides With Broadcasters in Aereo Case

The government is siding with broadcasters in their legal fight with Aereo. In an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court, the U.S.

Broadcasters Win Against Aereo in Utah District Court

Weeks before the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments between broadcasters and Aereo, a district judge in Utah has imposed a preliminary injunction against the streaming TV service.

Supreme Court Sets Date for Aereo Case

Mark your calendar. The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments between broadcasters and Aereo on April 22, according to the oral argument calendar released by the court on Tuesday.

Court Denies Fox Appeal to Rehear Hopper Case

Dish scored another legal victory against Fox over the Hopper's ability to automatically  skip commercials.