Disney Websites May Run Afoul of Children’s Privacy Laws

Disney, the world's most iconic kids brand, is under scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission for flunking the ABCs of children's online privacy laws.

FTC’s Ad Regulator Plans to Focus Heavily on Native and Mobile

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Marvel, Hello Kitty May Have Run Afoul Children’s Privacy Laws

Marvel and Sanrio, two of the biggest brands in the kids online marketing space, may be in violation of online children's privacy laws. According to a watchdog group, Disney's and Sanrio's Hello Kitty Carnival app fail to obtain parental consent from kids under 13 prior to tracking and collecting personal information about them.

Markey, Barton Bring Back Do Not Track Kids Bill

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) aren't giving up on passing legislation to extend online and mobile privacy protections to teens 13 to 15. On Thursday, the privacy duo, along with Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), re-introduced the Do Not Track Kids Act.

Lots of Angst in Complying With New Children’s Online Privacy Regs

Eric Goldman, a professor of law at Santa Clara University School of Law and director of the school's High Tech Law Institute, had some pointed advice for websites and apps trying to comply with the new updates to the federal government's children's privacy law: avoid it.

Nickelodeon Partners With Frozen Vegetable Brand Birds Eye

Birds Eye wants to rally kids into eating veggies this summer, so it’s serving up a main course of Nickelodeon with a helping of gamification.

Video Game Group Unveils Mobile Privacy Certification Plan

Just in time for the updates of the Children's Online Privacy Protection (Coppa) law to go into effect, the group that manages privacy self-regulation for the video game industry has expanded its program to cover mobile apps and help companies comply with the Federal Trade Commission's new rules.

Privacy Groups Mobilize to Monitor Kids Sites and Apps

Stricter children's online privacy rules go into effect July 1, and privacy groups are getting ready to make sure websites and mobile apps targeting kids under 12 toe those newly drawn lines.

FTC Won’t Delay Implementing Updated Children’s Privacy Rules

Websites and mobile apps directed to kids under 13 won't get any extra wiggle room to come into compliance with new digital privacy regulations. The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to keep the July 1 implementation date for the updated Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.

FTC Issues FAQ Guidance on Updated Children’s Privacy Rules

Four months after the Federal Trade Commission passed sweeping updates to the children's online privacy law, the agency released a key document that websites and mobile apps directed to children will need to consult in order to become compliant by July 1.