Budweiser Woos Hipsters With Artisanal Wooden Crates and Throwback Logos

Pabst Blue Ribbon became the hipster brew of choice in the early 2000s and seemed to hold a firm grip on that distinction until Coors caught on with young, arty adults last year.

This Company Makes Billboards Come to Life for Major Brands

Specs Who (from left) Josh Cohen, president, CEO; Eddie, chief canine officer; Jen Lee Almeida, vp, operations; Anthony Petrillo, svp, business development  What Digital out-of-home-company

Brands Are Already Using Instagram Videos and Planning for More

Now that Facebook has officially trotted out a video feature for the increasingly popular Instagram—which was formerly limited to helping smar Van Damme Recalls His Icy-Cold Pants

This week at, one of the craziest spots of 2011—the Coors Light ad in which Jean Claude Van Damme stands on a snowy mountainside and waxes poetic about how the beer is a lot like … his frozen pants. "My pants froze, and froze hard," says the Muscles from Brussels. "So tight.

Brewers Tap Hispanic Consumers

American brewers are directing their attention to a demographic that they hope will be the answer to a third consecutive year of declining sales volume.

Ad of the Day: Coors Light

There's no shortage of aging B-list movie stars who'll do a commercial for a few bucks these days. Think of Steven Seagal, well past his prime, in that "Sheep Impact" mini-film for Australian beer Carlton Dry. Usually the results are middling at best, but this new U.K.

Coors Light Ads Fail to Make Ice Cube Cool Again

Aw, how cute, Ice Cube is taking a break from making Disney movies and Friday sequels to do some Coors Light ads, in which he claims he's still tough. I just want to pinch his cheeks. Even though Cube hasn't been threatening for 10 years, he still gets some good lines in ("I hope you got a mop in that bucket!" is my favorite), and this ad doesn't induce face-palms the way most beer ads do. They could keep this train rolling forever, too. Ice-T, Vanilla Ice, Doctor Ice should all be available once Ice Cube finds something better to do. Behind-the-scenes video after the jump, in which Cube says Coors Light should have thought of this years ago. Agency: Commonground in Chicago.

Coors Light ladies talented at juggling balls

Random women are no longer allowed to sleep with Tiger Woods, so they are forced to stand around re-enacting his Nike ads. In this entertaining Coors Light viral, three lovely […]

Coors Light is asked not to laugh at Toronto

It doesn't take much to get an ad pulled in Canada. Coors Light billboards like the one shown here, featuring harmless regional Canadian humor, have been deemed offensive to people […]