Cookie Monster

Sesame Street Fans No Longer Need HBO to Watch New Elmo and Cookie Monster Episodes on TV

For the past year, the only way to get to Sesame Street—and watch new episodes featuring Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster and the rest of the gang—was by subscribing to HBO, which has exclusive first-run rights to the show through 2020. But starting in September, Sprout is offering fans a new way to see two of those characters without subscribing to the premium cable network.

Cookie Monster Is Even More Impatient in This Great Bonus Footage From the Apple Ad

Fake behind-the-scenes footage, where celebrities are playing exaggerated versions of themselves, can be fun if a bit narcissistic. Luckily, that's not the case for Cookie Monster in Apple's latest iPhone 6S spot, which features, you guessed it, behind-the-scenes footage. Somehow the BTS spot is even more delightful than you'd assume.

Famous Children’s Characters Are Just as Recognizable in Pantone Posters

Because designers never get tired of minimalist poster projects and Pantone-themed stuff, let us present to you the ultimate mashup: Y&R Shanghai's minimalist Pantone posters.Each one features the eyes of a famous children's character (Kermit the Frog, Garfield and Cookie Monster) set against a unique Pantone swatch with the Highlander-esque tagline, "There can only be one."The idea here is to introduce Pantone to a younger generation of artists, which will probably work if they're talking about little kids. Anyone older than 14 with ideas about studying design will hear all about Pantone, don't you worry.Via Fubiz.

Cookie Monster Falls Off Wagon Early in 2013 in Google’s New Year Spot

Going cold turkey was never the best strategy for Cookie Monster in ramping down his cookie intake. You've got to step down gradually from all that sugar. That's the main takeaway from this amusing Google Play spot, themed to New Year's resolutions, from Mullen's San Francisco office. Turns out the Rocky theme only carries you so far. Having wrapped up 2012 nicely with its Zeitgeist video, it's no surprise Google is getting such a quick start on 2013. This is a marketer that loves its milestones. Credits below.