Content Creators

7 New Things That YouTube Revealed At Vidcon

YouTube wants users to know it has heard the complaints about monetization and reach and wants to do everything it can to help.

Brands Sitting on Secret Army of Marketers

Every brand and organization is sitting on a secret social media weapon—employees. New ad technology and software helps plug these workers into marketing strategies, according to ad industry experts.

4 Specialty Shops Trying to Make a Native Ad Land Grab

With marketers increasingly wanting to become content creators, a number of specialty shops are trying to get in on the business that publishers and brands also are laying claim to. Here’s a look at four of them.

Outbrain Adds $35M in Latest Fundraising

Outbrain just picked up $35 million to keep churning out its signature viral advertising links.

It’s Hard Out There for a Freelancer

For journalists, a freelancing career usually means a life of instability and, in the Internet age, can result in partnerships with less-than-reputable publishers and institutions.