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How Treating Consumers Like Partners Will Rescue Advertising From Itself

Unsubscribe is our favorite toggle in our inbox. Skip, our favorite prompt when viewing online videos. Block, our go-to option for internet browsing. Why? Because advertising's relationship with the consumer is fundamentally broken.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Google Glass

Google Glass goes on sale for one day today, stoking fears among privacy hawks that the wearable tech is a menace to consumer privacy.The one-day limited sale is part of Google's Glass Explorer program launched in 2012 to test the device before it's offered to the general market.

Which Tech Firm Spent the Most to Lobby Washington Last Year?

Google spent 14.7 percent less to lobby Washington last year, but the $14 million it spent was still more than any other tech firm, according to a Consumer Watchdog analysis of lobby records filed with the Clerk of the House on Monday.

Privacy Vote Sends Mixed Signals

This was not a good week for groups trying to hammer out voluntary privacy policies.A government-hosted multistakeholder group came close Thursday, but stopped short of agreeing on a voluntary code of conduct for how apps communicate to consumers which data they collect and share.

Google Confirms FTC Is Asking Questions About Waze

A Google spokeswoman confirmed Monday that the company had been contacted by the Federal Trade Commission about its purchase of Waze, but deferred to the FTC to confirm whether there is an investigation. The FTC had no comment about the acquisition.

Digital Ad Biz to Defend Self-Regulation at Do Not Track Hearing

The Do Not Track privacy hearing called by Sen. Jay Rockefeller for Wednesday before the commerce committee is bound to feature some fireworks.

Is Google Sharing Personal Info With App Developers?

Google has had its share of privacy scandals, but the giant could be facing another. Charging that Google has been sharing users' personal information with app developers, Consumer Watchdog filed a formal complaint Monday with the Federal Trade Commission and the California Attorney General.