Consumer Research

Facebook Promises More Responsible Research When Users Are Test Subjects

Facebook is promising to more carefully handle how it uses the social network for research after the company was criticized this summer for experimenting on its members' moods.

Commercial Breaks Aren’t Twitter Breaks

While Twitter is rapidly changing the way we watch live television, a new study suggests that the social media giant isn’t necessarily having a corrosive effect on commercial deliveries.

Study: Blacks More Attached to Media Brands Than Whites

African-American consumers are more emotionally attached to brands than whites, especially when it comes to media companies, according to a study from NewMediaMetrics (NMM).

Microsoft Advertising Takes On Conversion Funnel

The conversion funnel has become a cliche in marketing circles. Worse than that, while it’s convenient shorthand for how to target consumers, it’s too simplistic, according to Natasha Hritzuk, global director of insights and analytics at Microsoft Advertising. In its stead, Hritzuk has concocted the Consumer Decision Journey.

High 5: ESPN, NFL Prove Their Mettle With Mystery Candy Bar

If ESPN were to try its hand at the confectionary arts, one might naturally assume the network would lean toward a sports-themed candy bar. The Reggie!