New Survey Shows the Gap Between Clients and Agencies on Issues Like Compensation and Briefs

A new Association of National Advertisers survey of marketers and agencies reveals (perhaps not too surprisingly) little harmony and much discord.

Havas Paid Former Chief David Jones $13.5 Million Last Year

David Jones, the former global CEO of Havas and its namesake ad agency, received $13.5 million in compensation last year, which included $7 million in severance, according to the company’s newly issued

Fast Chat: 4A’s CEO Nancy Hill

Advertising Week is a time for those in the industry to ponder the challenges and changes facing the communications world—kind of like what 4A's president and CEO Nancy Hill does every week of the year. As New York City gears up for more than 200 Advertising Week events, Hill spoke to Adweek about shifts in the hiring scene.