Meet The Ad Industry’s Newest Holding Company

A group of business owners in the industry have come together to form the first wholly minority-owned holding company in advertising. The new holding company unites commonground, MGSCOMM, The Vidal Partnership, Cunningham Group, SWAY Public Relations, CG Works, Post Master, and Run Wild Productions.

This Chicago-based Agency Specializes in Multicultural Work

Specs Who Co-founders and managing partners Sherman Wright (l.) and Ahmad Islam What Marketing agency Where Chicago

Coors Light Ads Fail to Make Ice Cube Cool Again

Aw, how cute, Ice Cube is taking a break from making Disney movies and Friday sequels to do some Coors Light ads, in which he claims he's still tough. I just want to pinch his cheeks. Even though Cube hasn't been threatening for 10 years, he still gets some good lines in ("I hope you got a mop in that bucket!" is my favorite), and this ad doesn't induce face-palms the way most beer ads do. They could keep this train rolling forever, too. Ice-T, Vanilla Ice, Doctor Ice should all be available once Ice Cube finds something better to do. Behind-the-scenes video after the jump, in which Cube says Coors Light should have thought of this years ago. Agency: Commonground in Chicago.