Ads Are Coming to the Comments Section of Publisher Sites

You can tell a lot about people by their online comments, and that's why Disqus believes it could be sitting on an advertising gold mine. The third-party comments service, which runs the discussion section on 3 million websites, is starting to show data-targeted sponsored comment ads.

Microsoft Punishes Xbox Gamers Over Dirty Words

Watch your language while gaming with Microsoft. Today, the company had to admit to punishing Xbox One owners who cursed in videos posted on the platform. The new Xbox One went on sale last week, moving more than 1 million units, the first new video game console in almost a decade.

Quartz Lets Readers Comment on Specific Paragraphs

Quartz is taking reader comments to the margins.

Everything in Moderation

As online publishing grows increasingly social, publishers are eagerly trying to foster community on their sites. But when everyone gets a voice, things can easily go too far. Thus, among several top Web publishers, the role of comment moderator is becoming that much more demanding.

Why Do People Care About Gawker’s New Comment Platform?

Brace yourself, Internet. Gawker comments are back.

Comment wars are ugly, but they can be fun

There's been plenty of hand-wringing about the nastiness of comments, particularly anonymous ones, made on ad-industry Web sites. Some feel they make the ad world look silly, juvenile and petty. […]