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Columbia Sportswear Is Making Job Candidates Literally Climb Mountains for Interviews

There's been no dearth of dubious job titles in the recent years, thanks in large part to the tech boom. But outerwear marketer Columbia Sportswear is reaching for new and awesome heights with its tongue-in-cheek "director of toughness" role—and this time around, it's really making candidates work for the gig. A new ad from agency North shows potential hires interviewing for the position, largely by taking a surprise, semi-coerced trek up to the top of a mountain, only to suffer the verbal abuse of an HR rep camped out 8,000 feet above sea level. Because if they really are qualified, such trivial exertion and feeble taunts shouldn't faze them at all.

Q&A: Gert Boyle, the ‘First Lady of Oregon,’ on Making Ads and Being the Center of Attention

Gert Boyle, 91, chairman of Columbia Sportswear, returns this week in the company's ads after a decade's absence. From 1984 to 2005, she perfected the "One Tough Mother" persona in a series of comical commercials, appearing with her son, Timothy, Columbia's CEO.

After a Decade Away, Columbia Sportswear’s ‘One Tough Mother’ Makes Her Comeback

This week, Gert Boyle, the 91-year-old chairman of Columbia Sportswear, returns to the company's commercials after a decade.

Columbia Sportswear Hires North for Fall 2014 Creative

Creative work on Columbia Sportswear is returning to the brand's Portland, Ore., hometown, after spending some five years further down the Pacific Coast.

Angry Cat Among Those Testing Columbia Sportswear Products

Columbia Sportswear, last seen freezing its underlayers off with hypothermia-defying Dutch stuntman Wim Hof, has now created a faux science YouTube series called "Great Moments in Trying Stuff" to celebrate some of the more unique selling points of its outdoor gear. The quirky spots pair an angry cat with a tiny, water-resistant parka; chefs making five-bean salad with a draining shoe; a guy in a mesh tank top with a guy in a water-wicking T-shirt (the most expected of the bunch, as it's the only one that compares two items of clothing in a traditional way); and a taste test (the second unorthodox one this week) with sweaty hot-dog buns that have been marinating in an ordinary mountain biker's jacket versus a Columbia air-wicking mountain biker's jacket. It shouldn't be a surprise that the cute cat in the tiny kitty parka is currently winning (and getting reblogged by every cat blogger on the Web), though disgusting sweaty buns isn't far behind. Fun, faux science experiments seem to be all the rage now, though it will be a long time before they usurp the utter online dominance of adorable kitties. More spots after the jump.

Ad of the Day: Columbia Sportswear

Wim Hof doesn't mind prancing through the Arctic cold in nothing but his shorts. For the rest of us, Columbia Sportswear suggests trying its battery-powered, electrically warmed line of Omni-Heat outerwear.