To Better Prepare Grads for Real Social Media Jobs, This Agency Created a College Class

Global marketing agency VML noticed recent graduates entering the advertising workforce hadn't quite mastered social media.

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Job in Advertising

The advertising industry is ripe with opportunities for new talent. Whether you are graduating from college, worked in a different field or just have a passion for writing, storytelling, technology or even rocket science, there's a place in this business for you. 

College President Will Buy Your Textbooks for a Year if You Can Beat Him at Madden NFL

If you've ever seen a movie about college, you know that the dean or president or whoever is always the villain, and if you can beat him at his own game, the day will be yours.

Shatner Negotiates a Role as First Online College Commencement Speaker

Red alert! William Shatner is back as Priceline's Negotiator, delivering the first "online commencement speech for online universities" in this spot from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.

College Is a Money-Devouring, Time-Wasting Purgatory in ‘Honest’ Recruitment Ad

YouTube star Ryan Higa takes some well-aimed shots at the college experience with this Honest College Ad video.

Students Design a Better Box, and Millions Watch the Results on YouTube

Henry Wang and Chris Curro, students at Cooper Union's Albert Nerken School of Engineering, deliver a Boxing Week viral smash in support of their Rapid Packing Container, a cardboard box that's easy to assemble, open and recycle.

University of Alberta’s Version of Barney Will Devour Your Tender Mammal Flesh

Jurassic George, a rubbery T-Rex who terrorizes his hapless human sidekicks on a Barney and Friends-type show promoting the University of Alberta's free online paleobiology classes, is a prehistoric hoot. Crafted by Evolution Bureau, the series of spots boasts daffy dances, silly (and unsettling) songs and plenty of facts about dinosaurs. George's posse of pals—clearly adults dressed as kids, which is part of the joke—steadily diminishes as the salivating saurian gobbles them down. The four segments run at least 90 seconds, and though each could have been tighter, the series is still great fun. In the first clip, which dispels the misconception that dinosaurs and humans lived on Earth at the same time, George sings, "We were never meant to be friends/Even though it's fun to pretend/If we'd been in the same places/I would've eaten all your faces." Creepy music cues and George's psychotic dino-stare precede his feeding frenzies (which thankfully take place off camera). The final fearful survivor, by sporting a backwards baseball cap, purple suspenders and a Rush T-shirt, is just begging for extinction.

Student Announces New App by Sending Out a Fake Campus Shooting Alert

File this one under "unwise ways to announce your startup."

Red Bull’s College Marketing Whiz Strikes Out on His Own

After seven years working for Red Bull, and some two leading North American efforts on the brand’s much vaunted college marketing program, Mike Poznansky is striking out this week to start his own agency, Neato.

Sweet Acceptance: Target Warms Hearts With College Admission Clips

Here's one of the more compelling YouTube montage ads we've seen. Target and Deutsch LA string together clips of college applicants' reactions to the news they’ve been accepted. It's a simple concept illustrated well with powerful, heart-warming moments. As the copy pretty well sums up: "Every kid deserves this moment. Great schools can get them here." The collegiate focus works well for Target, and not just because the retailer is known for its abundant stock of school supplies and dorm decor. Target has also committed to doubling its $500 million in donatons to K-12 educational causes over the coming years, in part by awarding gift cards to local schools through a Facebook voting competition.  As an aside, the commercial, which first aired during the Olympics, shares its basic idea—and at least one of its shots—with a recent online ad for the University of California system. The similarities are just a coincidence, per a Deutsch spokesperson, who said the agency had wrapped its commercial by the time UC's launched. Regardless, Target packages the message a lot more tightly. Credits after the jump