College Humor

MTV Wants to Make Millennials Scream

If MTV wanted to make it clear that it was the network for millennials, it did so with aplomb during its 2015 upfront presentation at New York's Beacon Theater Tuesday night. Featuring its top hosts and a concert by pop singer Jessie J, the network showcased what it would have to offer through the lens of the youth themselves.

Diet Racism: The Official Drink of Brands That Just Don’t Get It

The official drink of the Washington Redskins … and Dave & Buster's?College Humor created this fake ad a little while back for Diet Racism—the drink that has all the sweet ignorance of regular racism but with none of the guilt or self-awareness. It's the drink of choice for people who don't realize that the phrase "I'm not racist, but …" doesn't magically make whatever comes after it less racist.

HitFix Launches Multiplatform Video

After dabbling in video pieces over the last few years, entertainment news site HitFix announced today the full launch of HitFix Video.“Basically, for us, video is the way, the hook, the content and the opportunity to get in front of consumers on all of the screens and all of the devices they interact with in their daily lives,” HitFix CEO Jen Sargent said.

The Fault in Our Photoshop Models

Most people don’t know what’s behind a model’s cheesy grin.

CollegeHumor Wants to Be on TV and Bring Native Ads Along

CollegeHumor is aiming for the TV set. And it wants to bring more brands with it.As announced earlier today, IAC’s Electus has essentially merged with CollegeHumor Media to form a new entity, Electus Digital. As part of that deal, the company has built out a new production unit, Big Breakfast, with the mission of bringing College Humor styled Web content to more screens, including TV and films.

These ‘Honest’ Posters for Oscar Nominees Might Be Better Than the Real Ads

Sometimes, parody posters actually make you want to see a movie more than the real ads do. That's definitely the case with a few of these "honest" Photoshop recasts of Acadamy Award Best Picture nominees from College Humor.

Tipping Stunt Scores 6.1 Million YouTube Views in a Week

Salt Lake City's Andrew Hales, he of the 37,000-plus Twitter followers and the YouTube channel LAHWF, tried a prank. A really nice one. He started tipping waiters $200. The inspiring results speak for themselves.

The Sweet, Funny, Listy Ways of Getting Millennials to Love You

Their lives are tough, so they want content that's funny and optimistic. They're young but already nostalgic. They're naturally engaged and will quickly share your best work. They'll fight with you on occasion. They don't care if it's branded content, as long as it's good content.

How Vitaminwater Tricked a Bunch of Bored Subway Riders and Art Lovers

Vitaminwater has found the perfect types of people to associate with its brand: annoying subway braggarts and jerks who deface art.Ok, that’s perhaps an exaggeration. But the brand has hooked up with CollegeHumor on a clever series of prank video that make innocent bystanders think they’re dealing with some real-life weirdos. These branded entertainment clips are all part of the Vitaminwater campaign #makeboringbrilliant.

CollegeHumor Subway Rider Tells Everyone How Great His Life Is Going

This guy interrupted a group of subway passengers with a long speech—about his success in life. It's awesome and actually not stupid at all.Thank you CollegeHumor.