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Napoleon Dynamite Stars Reunite in Burger King’s Stupidly Charming Ad for Cheesy Tots

If you're going to talk about tater tots, you might as well get the stars of Napoleon Dynamite to do it.Yes, the cult film debuted over a decade ago (2004, to be exact) but there probably hasn't been another piece of pop culture that has embraced—and celebrated—tater tots. So, Burger King has gotten Jon Heder (the titular Napoleon) and Efren Ramirez (Pedro) to help sell Cheesy Tots, back at BK for a limited time. 

What Were Chester Cheetah and Burger King’s King Hinting at During Those NFL Ads?

Anyone who watched an NFL game on Sunday saw a short teaser commercial about 100 times where Cheetos spokescat Chester Cheetah and Burger King mascot the King were seen sitting together at a BK restaurant, all exciting about … something.That something wasn't made clear, although the King did put a handful of Chicken Fries on the table, hinting at the possibility of a forthcoming Cheetos Chicken Fries menu item, to go along with the Burger King Mac n' Cheetos introduced over the summer.

Stagwell Group Buys Code and Theory

Adding to its agency portfolio, Stagwell Group today said it acquired a majority stake in Code and Theory, a digital creative shop based in New York.

Code and Theory Brings Brands Into the Present From a Century-Old Space

It’s fitting that the shop that gave a digital face-lift to some of media’s most legendary brands—Vogue among them—chose an office space with historic roots. Code and Theory’s New York […]

Burger King Launches Global Agency Review [Updated]

Just 11 months after Burger King named independent Mother New York creative lead on its business, the two have parted ways and the Miami fast-food company is looking for a new global creative agency.

NFL Kicker Gets Operatic in This Video for Dr Pepper

Professional football, opera and Dr Pepper: it's a pretty novel combination. But Justin Tucker, the Baltimore Ravens' kicker, apparently loves all three.

Would Yahoo or Facebook Make a Better Tumblr Parent?

While Yahoo seems near a deal to purchase Tumblr for as much as $1 billion, reports today suggest other notable players are kicking the tires on the growing