Cloud services

Dropbox Shifts Its Image From Cloud Storage to Collaborative Sandbox

Dropbox—one of the first and most familiar names in cloud storage—is hoping to shed its image as a utility in favor of being seen as an incubator of creativity.

Here’s a Look at How Microsoft Makes Its Money in the Post-PC Era

Microsoft had to absorb a $7.5 billion loss because its plan to buy Nokia and then grab a bigger share of mobile devices mostly failed. The Redmond, Wash.-based company has a 3 percent share in the smartphone market, and its Surface device has only seen modest sales, $888 million last quarter.

Percolate Raises $40 Million to Build the Ultimate Marketing Machine

This marketing company may be a CMO's secret weapon. It reportedly helped Unilever save millions of dollars in marketing costs, and GE uses it to get more social on places like Snapchat and Instagram.

Aereo’s Last Minute Moves Before the Legal Fight of Its Life

Aereo is trying some last-minute moves to rally consumers behind its streaming TV technology just days before it defends its system before the Supreme Court next week.

Google Music Expected to Launch Next Month

Google is close to unveiling its new music service, which will apparently mix digital downloads with cloud storage.

UltraViolet Adds Streaming Access to DVD and Blu-Ray

With consumers watching movies on everything from their smartphones to their iPads, buying a DVD version that can only be played on a TV set or computer seems pretty limiting these days.

Apple Releases Beta Version of Cloud Music Service to Developers

iTunes users are one step closer to being able to access any song, anywhere. Last night, Apple released the beta version of iTunes Match—also known as “iTunes in the cloud”—to developers.

Apple to Offer TV Show Storage in the iCloud

Apple has signed new deals with television companies to expand its iCloud service, allowing users to store their TV shows and access them remotely on Apple devices, reports the New York Post.

Apple Close to Deals with Top Record Companies

It looks like Apple is closer than ever to launching its own music cloud service—with record label support.

Google to Launch ‘Music Beta’ Cloud Service

Google will finally unveil its long-awaited cloud service at Google I/O, the company’s developers’ conference in San Francisco, on Tuesday.