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What Can You Learn From 2015’s Most Viral Billboard?

If you know what this billboard means just by looking at it, you're cool. If you don't, you're probably in need of some schooling. Maybe, at the end of the lesson, you'll buy a billboard of your own. That's what Clear Channel Canada hopes, anyway. 

IHeartMedia’s NYC Outpost Is Modular and Modern

A radio broadcasting and out-of-home advertising company, iHeartMedia is thriving in an era of streaming services and banner ads. The cheekily named company—formerly Clear Channel Communications—knows that the devil is […]

This Ad For The Rolling Stones Was Deemed Too Sexy For the London Underground

You can't stop rock stars from doing what they want. Unless, of course, they've decided to place their iconic tongue logo atop a woman's private parts and run it on the London underground. Then, apparently, the rockin' can be stopped.  

We Ask the Experts: Which Brands Are Killing It Right Now?

Which brand—besides your own—is currently impressing you? That was the question we posed to Advertising Week attendees Thursday.Check out a handful of their responses in the Instagram videos below.

Marketers Are Taking Out-of-Home to the Next Level With Digital Activations

Out-of-home experiential advertising can be a boon to brand awareness, but recent campaigns from Coca-Cola and Jimmy Dean show how marketers are trying to magnify the effect of these efforts through connected digital activations.

Clear Channel Rebrands Itself as iHeartMedia

Clear Channel has a new name for the digital age: iHeartMedia, reports The New York Times.

Ross Levinsohn Joins Scout Media as Executive Chairman

Scout Media, a men's sports and lifestyle digital publisher, has appointed Ross Levinsohn to executive chairman, the company's CEO James Heckman announced.

Clear Channel Says Radio Hosts Are Still Relevant

Radio isn’t dead.

Clear Channel Outdoor Rolls Out New Mobile Platform ‘Connect’

New York-based Clear Channel Outdoor is bringing its global interactive mobile advertising platform Connect, which uses NFC tags or QR codes on advertising panels at pedestrian-accessible sites, to U.S. markets this June. The platform, called Connect, has already rolled out in several countries and will launch in the U.S. in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., in June.

Horizon Inks $100 Million Deal With Clear Channel

Horizon Media has just inked a $100 million upfront deal—with a radio company?Well, yes and no.