Clark Bar

Beautiful Foreign Women Talk a Whole Lot of Crap in Amusingly Deceptive Candy Ads

The sound of beautiful women speaking seductively in foreign tongues—oh, how the young male American ignoramus loves that. He finds it all but impossible to resist such charms, even if the ladies are actually talking a whole lot of gibberish. And indeed, the Russian, Italian, Brazilian and French beauties in these four ads for Clark Bar (from Hill Holliday in Boston) aren't saying anything sexy, as it turns out. They deliver purring monologues in their native language before uttering a single line in English: "Are you Clark enough?" That suggestive line is also a URL, where excitable young dudes can go and, among other things, see subtitled versions of the ads—and be disappointed, though hopefully amused, to learn that they've been had. For the crestfallen, there is a "Man Test" on the site to get those testosterone levels back up. See all the spots and credits below.