This Dog’s Road Trip Stretching Routine Might Be the Best Reason to Buy a Citroen

Citroen puts on the dog once again in this commercial with an anthropomorphized mutt who charmingly works out the muscle kinks and stiffness of a long drive when its owner pulls in to a desert gas station.

Fathers Will Love This Citroën Ad With a Dad Who Has Extremely Clingy Kids

It's a lot harder for a father to have fun, whatever he's doing, while his three young kids are clinging to his body at the same time.This parenting-humor ad, aptly titled "Daddy," won a silver Lion in the Film category at Cannes last week for French automaker Citroën and Havas agency Les Gaulois.

French Dad Hates His Family but Loves Football in Citröen’s New Ad

When you wake up looking like Jim Morrison and Brian Wilson's weird soccer hooligan man-baby, you've slept too long. You might want to get up, dust off the cobwebs and maybe get a friggin' haircut, ya big hippie. 

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

With the Super Bowl out of the way, advertisers who didn't have almost $4 million to blow can resume their previously scheduled programming.

Citroën’s DS3 Cabrio Will Make You Feel Like a Long-Haired Baby on Horseback

MJZ director Tom Kuntz has had some big advertising hits. Most notable, of course, was the original, Emmy-winning Isaiah Mustafa spot for Old Spice. He also directed the great "Cable Effects" ads for DirecTV, and had a couple of spots on this year's Super Bowl—Oreo's "Whisper Fight" and Volkswagen's Jamaican-flavored "Get Happy." But all that work is pretty mainstream. As evidenced by much of his artwork, Tom can make weirder stuff. And here's a very odd commercial he just did for Citroën's DS3 Cabrio car, via French agency H Paris. Seems the vehicle is targeted at a certain type of man who imagines himself, while driving, to be a cherubic toddler with long, flowing, flaxen hair, galloping along pristine beaches astride a giant white horse. (Yes, once again, he's on a horse.) Red lights occasionally interrupt this fantasy, though not enough to derail it. The campy, retro vibe—another Kuntz specialty, seen in other recent ads like the Hahn SuperDry spot from Australia—is cemented here by the use of Spandau Ballet's 1983 pop ballad "True" (a song that's suddenly a favorite of car ads, having popped up in that Chevy ad last year as well). Anyway, it's nice to see Kuntz finding an outlet for his more peculiar instincts—even if he has to go to Europe to do so. Credits below.brightcove.createExperiences();

Citroën has room for all of your doggie bags

Euro RSCG in Italy unleashed this Citroën spot in which the luggage you can't fit in your car takes the form of a dog—travel-bag body, blow-dryer head, socks for ears—who's […]

John Lennon’s Citroën ad fairly indefensible

Sean Lennon is having a rough time defending his late father John's appearance in this Citroën car ad. That's because it's hard to argue this is anything but a blatant […]