Ad of the Day: Cisco Gives a 360 Tour of the Mind-Bending Space Hotel of the Future

There's a Chris Van Dusen book that my kids love called I Built a House, in which a boy sketches his wild and futuristic dream home, which includes an underwater room, a car-racing room, a zero-gravity room and a room with jets that detaches and flies around the neighborhood.

How Inventors and Ad Agencies Are Starting to Shape the Internet of Things’ Next Phase

What can a hot tub that makes its own shopping list tell us about the future of the internet?

Ad of the Day: Ewan McGregor Waxes Poetic on Human Achievement for Cisco

Most readers probably won't know that Cisco is responsible for all of human evolution, past, present and future. But the argument almost seems convincing when delivered by Ewan McGregor.

Ad of the Day: Amid Chaos, Cisco Says ‘There’s Never Been a Better Time’

To those who would say the world is falling apart in a hurry, Cisco would counter that, in fact, thanks mostly to technology, it's the most wonderful time to be alive.

Cisco Shows You the World’s Last Traffic Jam in Goodby’s Artful New Campaign

One day, all the world's persistent infrastructure problems will be obsolete, says Cisco. Indeed, you'll only be able to see them in museums.That's the theme of "Building Tomorrow Today," a new Cisco campaign by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners that begins today with "The Last Traffic Jam," a striking 30-second spot that shows a traffic jam—now a remnant of the past—as an art piece in a gallery.

Here Are Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs of 2014

Male chief marketing officers on Forbes' third annual Appinions CMO Influence Study, which was released today, are 22 percent more influential than their female peers.

7 Marketing Heavyweights Spill Huge Digital Stats

Big-name marketers have descended on Orlando this week at the ANA Masters of Marketing conference. So far, it's clear that digital has taken over with some intriguing results backed up by data.Here are the seven most interesting stats we've heard so far.

How CNN Made a Cisco-Sponsored Web Series About Progressive Cities

During CNN's 2014 Upfronts, president Jeff Zucker vowed that the network would be focusing on its digital presence and creating new opportunities for advertisers.

Bloomberg’s Paul Marcum Is Trying to Make Business Videos Go Viral

Photo: Alfred Maskeroni

Cisco Ad, Like the Future It Depicts, Is All Delightfully Interconnected

IDEA: The Internet of Things—or as Cisco calls it, "the Internet of everything"—is quickly advancing, as seen in the array of magically interconnected devices at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. (Teddy bear that checks your kid's vitals as she sleeps? Check.) But how to dramatize that in a TV spot?