Top 10 Branded Web Videos: Dior Tops Chart With Charlize Theron ‘Gold’ Spot

Dior’s new ad featuring decade-long spokeswoman Charlize Theron grabs the top spot in this week’s Adweek/VidIQ top 10 branded YouTube chart, showing that celebrity endorsements still go a long way for luxury marketers. 

Google Positions Snazzy Chromebook Pixel as Out of This World

If you close your eyes, this video for Google's Chromebook Pixel sounds like something Apple did five years ago.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Hurricane Sandy and Halloween vied for our attention, brands got into heavy metal, and a famous former NYPD detective wants to make sure you know what you're dealing with in that Subway sandwich. 

Ad of the Day: Google Chromebook

Slayer fans rejoice! (Or don't.) Your favorite band is now scoring Google commercials.