Meet the Man Whose Browser Tool Turns All Mentions of ‘Millennials’ Into ‘Snake People’

Ever get the sense that millennials are treated in the press like some sort of inscrutable alien race? Well now there's the perfect Chrome extension for you.

Adblock Plus Develops First Mobile Ad Blocker for iPhones

A top ad-blocking service is targeting mobile this year, and plans its first product that could zap paid marketing on iPhones. Adblock Plus, the European software company that has shaken up the traditional ad-supported Internet, is developing an ad blocker for iOS, the company told Adweek.

Google’s Chrome Games Are a Dream Come True. Is That a Good Thing?

Visiting the video arcade at my neighborhood mall in the '80s was both exhilarating and a bit scary. On the one hand, I feared that bigger kids would try to take all my change. (And I mean a physical shakedown, so quarters would spill from my pockets onto the pizza-smeared floor.) The adrenaline rush came from the games themselves. Asteroids, Space Invaders, Radar Scope ... I loved them all. As I played, I rarely paid attention to my score. I just grooved on the sights and sounds, thrilled to each synthesized pop! bleep! and ping!, riding waves of pixelated excitement for hours on end. I wanted to meld with those machines and live in that world. Magic machines everywhere! That's what I wanted the future to be like. That was a scary thought, too, but no less wonderful for that.

Google Chrome’s Ad With Stewie From Family Guy Is Super Irritating

Stewie Griffin, the 1-year-old prodigy from Family Guy, is a lovable character, but man can he get annoying. In this 15-second spot from 72andSunny for Google Chrome, he proves just that. "Mom! Mom! Mommy! Ma!" he cries, as Lois stares off in a tormented haze. Ah, the gifts of parenthood. The spot makes its point, though.

Google Chrome Turns Any Website Into a 3-D Marble Maze Game

Google's latest innovation in time-wasting fun—this time out of Japan—is the Chrome World Wide Maze, a browser experiment that turns any Web page of your choosing into a 3-D marble maze.

Android Head Andy Rubin Stepping Away

The head of Google’s Android mobile operating system Andy Rubin was supposed to speak during this past week’s South by Southwest Interactive conference.

JAM With Chrome Brings Agoraphobic Rock Stars Together

Hey, Google Chrome, are you ready to rock?! The answer is a resounding "Sort of!"—thanks to an interactive Web app called JAM With Chrome, which uses Google's browser and various leading-edge technologies to help users rock out.

Google Chrome Sends Grieving Daughter to College in New Ad

This latest Chrome spot from Google Creative Lab and BBH in New York—part of the brand's long-running and generally excellent "The Web is what you make of it" campaign—doesn't skimp on the pathos.

Commune With the Eager, Friendly Robots at Google’s Web Lab

The machines have won. Let us bow down to our Chrome overlords and anoint their WebSockets with precious oils! Lots of folks will enjoy Google's Web Lab, a free, yearlong exhibit at London's Museum of Science, produced with Tellart and B-Reel, that's also accessible 24/7 online. Alas, I'm not one of them.

Weepy Ads for Google Chrome: Is the Love Affair Over?

Google's cavalier attitude toward privacy makes its latest spot for the Chrome browser—by Google Creative Lab and BBH New York—feel kind of awkward, as the subject matter veers dangerously close to cyberstalking. Meet Mark Potter, who uses Chrome and related tools in an all-out effort to win back his ex-girlfriend, Jen.