Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama: Marketing Can Make America Healthier

I don't think I ever could have imagined that, as first lady, I would appear in an episode of Billy on the Street to promote fruits and vegetables and would wind up slow dancing with Big B

This Childhood Obesity Ad Is So Good, the French Thought It Was Real

In the U.S., ads about weight usually come in the form of relatively thin women eating light yogurt. Awareness of obesity, especially in children, hasn't really taken off.But in France, this ad has taken off—and it wasn't even approved to run.

Big Food Cuts the Fat in Advertising to Kids

Big food advertisers, often vilified for contributing to America’s obesity epidemic, have made good on their promise to cut the fat, salt and sugar in 171 products that are marketed to kids.

Bert and Ernie to Plug Veggies to Kids

Families and children could soon see Big Bird popping up on displays of broccoli, or Ernie next to a basket of apples.

Health Groups Target Katy Perry for Marketing Pepsi

Can nutrition watchdogs shame Katy Perry to stop marketing Pepsi? A group of seven health organizations are going to try. On Tuesday, they plan to run an open letter to Perry urging her to not "exploit [your] popularity by marketing a product that causes disease in your fans."

Dora the Explorer Hawks Junk Food to Kids Like a Drug Pusher in New Ad

Food advocates are back with a new ad slamming Nickelodeon for accepting ads for junk food. The ad from the Center for Science in the Public Interest and five other children’s advocacy groups, continues with the "Wanted" theme.

Ferrero, Cartoon Net Pledge to Limit Food Marketing to Kids

The government may not be able to regulate food marketing to children, but it may not have to.

Legislation Would Use Tax Code to Stop Junk Food Ads Targeting Kids

The debate in Washington over which foods should or should not be marketed to children is far from over. And with Congress getting serious about taking up tax reform, there is a new opportunity for lawmakers to use the tax code to regulate food advertising under the guise of raising more revenue for the government.

Senators Urge Nick to Stop Airing Junk Food Ads to Kids

Nickelodeon is in the cross-hairs of food and nutrition advocates again, who have convinced four Democratic Senators to fire off a letter to the Viacom-owned net urging it to stop airing junk fo

FTC Reports Food Marketing to Children Down 19.5%

Nutrition watchdogs should be pleased. Food companies are spending less money marketing to children and youth, a new Federal Trade Commission report found. Compared to 2006, food marketing targeting 2- to 17-year-olds dropped 19.5 percent to $1.79 billion in 2009.