34 Places Where You Can Start Using Your iPhone to Buy Stuff

So Apple’s best lineup of gadgets is out and its next big business is ready for launch—Apple Pay. The mobile payments service launches Monday and today Apple revealed a list of retailers who will start accepting your iPhone as currency.

Shell Shows More Gas Brands Could Fuel Up on Social Media

While BP has garnered attention in recent years for its use of social media, not many of its competitors have been notably active in the space.

Chevron Thinks Ecuador Is Conspiring Against It on Twitter

Chevron believes that last week's Twitter hijack against the brand from activist group Toxic Effect is actually part of a more elaborate plot involving the Rep

The New York Times Reinvents the Boring Banner Ad

An obscure piece on The New York Times’ website about Picasso repurposing his canvases by painting over older, abandoned projects was fascinating, at least insofar as stories about master artists and their recycling habits go.

Obama Gets Tweet Heat Before State of the Union

President Obama's State of the Union address has politically minded marketers trying their hand at real-time ad buying on Twitter today.

Obama’s #SOTU Tweet Heat