After a 2-Year Pursuit, Charter Finally Lands Time Warner Cable

Just one month after its merger with Comcast officially flatlined, Time Warner Cable is on the move again.

Ad of the Day: Charter Will Help You Cook a Live Octopus, Unless You’re a Big Softy

Who needs Shark Week? An octopus steals the show in Charter Communications' latest campaign touting its Spectrum fiber-optic network.

Bumpy Start for Oscars Live Streaming Initiative

ABC’s first pass at live-streaming the Academy Awards didn’t exactly go off without a hitch last night, as user demand knocked the service out of commission.

Will Regulators Put the Kibosh on Cable Consolidation?

Comcast is looking seriously at acquiring Time Warner Cable, multiple reports said earlier today, prompting rapid fluctuations in TWC's stock price, which spiked 9 percent to $132.16 a share this afternoon (the stock was trading below $120 a share as recently as Wednesday).

Will ABC and Univision’s Cable News Channel Sell?

If you’re looking to buy time on Fusion, ABC and Univision’s new joint venture English-language news and lifestyle channel, you’ll need to look up ABC’s president of sales and marketing, Geri Wang.

‘Un’ is a dirty word in Fallon’s Charter spots

7Up used to the "Uncola." The "Un" meant it was different, and you were different for drinking it—not as boringly assimilated as everybody else. Sure, it was a pitch to […]