Charlie Sheen

In Today Show Interview, Charlie Sheen Says He’s Done Paying Others to Keep His Secret

Charlie Sheen has been trying to keep secret his HIV status for four years. After a series of headaches and a hospitalization, Sheen thought he had a brain tumor. Instead, doctors told him he was HIV-positive. "It's a hard three letters to absorb," he said this morning on the Today show.

Charlie Sheen Will Discuss His HIV Status on the Today Show

The Today show is promoting "a revealing personal announcement" from Charlie Sheen for Tuesday's program.

Does Real-Time Marketing Work?

Ever since Oreo had its big Super Bowl blackout moment, netting nearly 7 million tweets, marketers have used social media to capitalize on just about every news and cultural moment, from the birth of the Royal Baby to the Emmys. But has it worked?

FX Shuffles Deck as It Prepares Spinoff Launch

As FX Networks prepares to launch a new standalone comedy channel, CEO John Landgraf has elevated three of his lieutenants to the rank of president.

Trailer Mash 02 08 13

Trailer Mash 02 08 13

Moonves: C7 Switch Only a Matter of Time

Weeks after expressing his support for a switch to a new ratings currency that would include seven days of time-shifted deliveries, Les Moonves is now predicting that the change will happen by mid-2014 at the latest. 

Angusgate: Much Ado About Nothing

For those of us quietly hoping that Two and a Half Men co-star Angus T. Jones would embark on a Tiger Blood/Bitchin’ Rock Star From Mars media junket following his recent outburst about the show, it looks like the 19-year-old actor is going the more traditional route. Is Incredibly Sorry It Ever Worked With Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen. Even when he loses, he winds up winning.

MTV, Twitter Look for Next Beyonce Baby Bump

MTV has always been about identifying the hottest trends at the moment (or even better, before) they permeate mainstream pop culture.

FX Lands Warner’s ‘Mike & Molly’

In what can be characterized as one hell of a bargain, FX has landed the off-network rights to the Warner Bros. Domestic Television comedy Mike & Molly for about half the market rate.