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The media business may be changing on a nearly weekly basis, but one constant that will always matter as long as advertising survives is the Big Idea. This year's group […]

These 2 Brands Made a Facebook Messenger Bot to Draw Awareness to Ethiopia’s Water Crisis

Since launching Facebook Messenger bots earlier this year, brands like Trolli and American Express have built chatbots as a new way to interact with consumers.

Charity: Water and BuzzFeed Cook Up Tasty Videos With a Disgusting Twist

663 million people around the world are living without clean water—dirty water kills more people in the world than all types of violence combined, even war. Yet many people still don't seem to know or understand the gravity of the situation.

How Virtual Reality Is Inspiring Donors to Dig Deep for Charitable Causes

Charity: Water’s Gorgeous NYC Digs Were Made Possible by Donations

Founded in 2006, nonprofit organization Charity: Water is on a mission to bring clean drinking water to everyone on Earth­. To date, the organization has funded almost 19,000 water projects […]

Brands Are Already Using Instagram Videos and Planning for More

Now that Facebook has officially trotted out a video feature for the increasingly popular Instagram—which was formerly limited to helping smar