What Chatbots Are Teaching Us About the Future of Marketing

Chatbots are treated like the simpletons of the artificial intelligence world, overshadowed by movie-trailer-creating Watson and its ilk, or the suggestion engines of huge etailers.

Young Protesters in Hong Kong Have Found an Ingenious Way Around Cyber Censors

As Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revolution" enters a dangerous phase, government censors are clamping down on social media sites used to communicate images of the protest to mainland China.

Microsoft Punishes Xbox Gamers Over Dirty Words

Watch your language while gaming with Microsoft. Today, the company had to admit to punishing Xbox One owners who cursed in videos posted on the platform. The new Xbox One went on sale last week, moving more than 1 million units, the first new video game console in almost a decade.

BART in San Francisco Cuts Cell Service to Avoid Protest

The past year has been monumental in showing the power of social media and cell phones as mobilization tools. From Facebook’s central role in the Arab Spring, to the more recent use of BBM and Twitter in the London riots, it is clear that logging in has become a new mode of resistance.

Iran Goes Off the Grid

Iran is looking to take censorship to a whole new level, according to the Wall Street Journal.