People Magazine Celebrates Jennifer Lawrence’s Compulsive Photobombing in New Ad

Keen celebrity followers probably already know that Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is a notorious red-carpet photobomber. But did you have any idea how extensive her list of victims is? It includes Taylor Swift, Liam Hemsworth and Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few. And she isn't alone; Benedict Cumberbatch and Dustin Hoffman like a good photobomb, too.

Could Celebrity Robot Doppelgangers Be the Future Stars of Advertising?

CANNES, France—A celebrity android costs $100,000 to build, but it could literally be a moneymaking machine. That's why Dentsu, Japan's huge ad agency, is so interested in these robot doppelgangers.

Converse’s Street-Style Campaign Shows How People Rock Their Chucks Around the World

Converse's Chuck Taylor, the stitched-canvas, rubber-toed basketball shoe, is somehow at home everywhere from magazine spreads to mosh pits.

After Conquering Reality TV, Kim Kardashian Is Taking the Mobile World by Storm

Kim Kardashian West first grabbed our attention in October 2007 with the premiere of E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Who could have guessed where that basic-cable reality show moment would lead? Since then, Kim, 34, has entered that rare pantheon of mononymous celebrities.

Derek Jeter Launches The Players’ Tribune As a Digital Platform for Athletes

When Jason Collins decided to announce he was retiring from the NBA, he wanted to say it in his own words. Instead of going to a traditional media outlet, he wrote a first-person essay for The Players' Tribune, a digital publication that gives athletes a chance to share their stories.

When Does Leaning Hard Into Celebrity Become Lazy and Dangerous?

There are many things that defined 2014 in advertising.

What Do So Many Celebrities See in Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer Sunglasses?

Style and color are very important when it comes to sunglasses, but as any fashionista—or just anyone who lives in L.A.—will tell you, no frames get hot until celebrities put them on. In 1955, James Dean did.

4 Things Jessica Alba Wants You to Know About Her Booming Lifestyle Brand

There's a lot you don't know about Jessica Alba. That's possibly because her initial fame from TV and movies in the mid-2000s has died down a bit. But it might also be because tabloid-centric journalism continues to portray her as a ravishing starlet rather than the massively successful entrepreneur she's become.

Gym Ad Kindly Reminds Kanye That He Married a Shallow Short-Timer

An easy target, to be sure, but here's a clever bit of celebrity newsjacking from a New York chain of gyms.  New York Sports Clubs ran the ad above in today's New York Post, just a few days after the tabloid wedding of the year between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. 

Celebrities Put the ‘C’ in CES

The Consumer Electronics Show always plays host to tech-savvy celebrities. This year is no different—the Las Vegas event has booked some big acts to go along with the gadgets.