Carnival Cruise Lines

How Carnival Changed the Way We Think About Cruises

In the past few weeks, the travel industry's been buzzing with talk of a new resort destination called the Vista that's so packed with amenities that boredom seems impossible. The place boasts an IMAX theater, a brewery, a water park, a golf course, three pools, 13 clubs and bars, 19 restaurants and 1,967 rooms.

Elegant Split Screens Balance On-Board With On-Shore in This Cruise-Line Ad

Figliulo & Partners doubles your pleasure through elegant use of split-screen technique in the agency's first major push for Carnival's ultra-luxury Seabourn Cruise Line. Targeting affluent millennials, a playful, visually arresting anthem spot titled "Extraordinary Worlds" presents a series of complementary images on opposite sides of the screen. One panel shows on-board amenities, while the other displays highlights from exotic cruising destinations such as New Zealand and Iceland. Throughout the minute-long commercial, the frames work together to create an optical feast of color, flow and composition.

Carnival Corporation Picks PHD as Its International Media Agency of Record

The world's largest cruise company has chosen Omnicom's PHD as its media agency of record for the United States and the United Kingdom, effectively consolidating its business in what the press release calls "two of the world's largest regions for cruise vacations."

Cruise Lines Want a New Kind of Passenger: Millennials

Cruise lines have weathered some rough seas in the past few years.

Amazon Has the Best Consumer Perception of Any Brand

Target’s much-publicized data breach cost the company more than the $400-$450 million that’s been estimated—it also levied heavy damage on the retailer's perception among consumers, according to new rankings from research firm YouGov BrandIndex released today.

In Monopoly’s Battle of the Brands, Carnival Crushes Coke, Nestlé and More

Some of the world’s largest brands are squaring off today in a high-stakes game of ... Monopoly. Well, kinda. To promote its new, brand-centric game, Monopoly Empire, Hasbro is hosting a Facebook “Battle of the Brands” featuring several of the companies featured in the game. The goal is to see which brand can get 5,000 Likes on its #BattleoftheBrands Facebook post first. Participating are Carnival Cruise Lines, Transformers, Chevrolet, Fender Guitar, Nestlé, Beats by Dre, eBay, X Games, Nerf, Ducati, Electronic Arts, JetBlue, Coca-Cola and Yahoo. As of this writing, Carnival had already blown past the 5,000-Like mark in a mere two hours, despite having just 2.2 million fans, a mere fraction of Coca-Cola’s 73.6 million. A few brands, namely Beats by Dre, JetBlue and Chevrolet, were past 2,000 Likes, while poor eBay and EA apparently forgot to participate altogether—or at least hadn’t posted anything two hours into the competition. Perhaps even sadder, Nestlé and Yahoo did participate but hadn't broken 200 Likes yet. While it may not be a true test of brand potency, today's challenge sure is a telling reminder that there's a big difference between having a lot of fans and knowing how to put them to use. After the jump, check out a fun gallery of branded images Monopoly created to tease the contest.

PHD Wins Carnival Cruise Lines’ Media Account

Omnicom’s PHD has been selected as the new media agency for Carnival Cruise Lines, following a review in which incumbent Havas Media (formerly MPG) did not defend.

Royal Caribbean Fills Virtual Ship With Celebrities

Royal Caribbean is hoping a new star-studded eight-minute commercial will help distance it from some of the cruise industry's negative public image.

Marketers: Carnival Needs a Great PR Video—Now

Carnival Cruise Lines should post a two-to-three-minute PR video to its Facebook and Twitter pages—and pronto—if it wants to repair the brand damage that's occurred after the Triumph ship fiasco of the last few days, according to industry players.

How CNN Sells Breaking News

CNN took plenty of heat yesterday for its extensive coverage of Carnival’s ill-fated “Poop Cruise”—upon losing power in the Gulf of Mexico, the cruise ship Triumph transformed into a drifting hellscape of overflowing toile