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Subaru Unveils Two New Safety Ads, and They Couldn’t Be More Different

Nothing says love quite like twisted steel and shredded tires.Wrecked cars, and their understandably shaken and contrite teenage drivers, appear in Carmichael Lynch's latest work for Subaru, which focuses on the automaker's safety record as part of its long-running and highly successful "Love" campaign.

Subaru’s New Ad Revisits Some Old Ones, and Shows Why the Campaign Works So Well

Years into its ongoing and successful "Love" campaign, Subaru has been named Kelley Blue Book's 2016 Most Trusted Brand and Best Overall Brand. And to look ahead, it's looking back—at scenes from its most beloved Carmichael Lynch spots, in a warm commemorative message for the people who love it best ... and maybe for some new drivers, too. "Proud to Earn Your Trust" kicks off with a throwback to "Subaru Heaven" (itself already nostalgic and heartfelt) but also features that glorious sunset shot from "Welcoming Party," as well as moments from "Baby Driver," "Honeymoon" and "Back Seat."Its storyline explores the times when people especially appreciate having a Subaru—road trips, childhood benchmarks, even accidents. It warmly concludes, "Every Subaru is built to earn your trust ... because we know what you're trusting us with," followed by closing copy that winks to the campaign's theme: "Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru." 

Ad of the Day: Subaru’s Driving Dog Family Returns for More Adorably Comical Spots

Subaru's hilariously human-seeming dog family, the Barkleys, were a big hit when they drove onto the scene two years ago in ads from Carmichael Lynch. And now they're back for more low-key comic hijinks.

U.S. Bank’s New Ads Imagine the Future, Thanks to Some Clever Visual Tricks

U.S. Bank's new campaign from Carmichael Lynch leaves a lot to the imagination.For example, in "New House," a young couple tour their dream home ... which hasn't been built yet. Most of the story takes place in an expansive field. At one point, when the woman "hangs up" her jacket, it simply floats, completely unsupported, since there aren't any hooks to hold it—or even walls. Later, when she and her partner check out the second level, they appear to be walking on air: There are no stairs to climb or floors to stand on. 

Carmichael Lynch Promotes Marty Senn to Creative Chief

After three years as executive creative director of Carmichael Lynch, Marty Senn has been named chief creative officer of the Minneapolis agency. He succeeds Dave Damman, who left the shop over the summer.

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Why More Agencies Should Drag Their Staffs Out to the Middle of Nowhere

Drive a little ways southwest of Minnesota's Twin Cities, past the suburbs and exurbs, and you might find yourself in the pastures of a small town with 559 residents. It's a place called Green Isle, where a sign welcomes visitors to "a little bit of Ireland."

Ad of the Day: Subaru Just Made Another Great Father-Daughter Tearjerker

Does any advertiser do father-daughter storytelling better than Subaru?

In Ads for Jack Link’s, YouTube Stars Will Prank the Sasquatch

To put a fresh spin on its "Messin' With Sasquatch" campaign, meat-snack purveyor Jack Link's has tapped YouTube influencers The Dudesons, Kevin Brueck and PrankvsPrank to produce sp

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