Carlton Draught

Carlton Draught Is Re-Airing This Awesomely Cheesy ’80s Ad to Go With Its ’70s Can

Oh, the 1980s. Such quaint times. The tank tops. The big hair. The now-unsettling sense of enthusiasm. Even though the '80s revival was so 2000s, Carlton Draught is still dusting off a real ad from that decade and airing it again to celebrate the brewer's 150th anniversary.

The World’s Best Commercials, 2012-13

It was a long haul of judging for Sir John Hegarty, Joe Pytka and their jury teams at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity last week.Hegarty's Film Lions jury watched 3,125 commercials. Pytka's Film Craft Lions jury watched 2,029. In total, they awarded three Grand Prix, along with 21 Gold Lions, 38 Silver Lions and 70 Bronze Lions.

Carlton Draught Thanks Practically Everyone on Twitter Who Liked Its Ad

It can be difficult for brands to know how—and how often—to respond to people on Twitter. Some limit their interactions to pressing customer-service needs. Others reply enthusiastically (if sporadically) to praise, while ignoring criticism. Some don't bother replying at all.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, a tablet computer became a child's playground, Eddie Money went from rock 'n' roll to bittersweet, and Jack Bauer executed some moves in the kitchen (presumably after saving the president).

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Carlton Draught’s Epic Car Chase, Without the Cars

Australian brewer Carlton Draught's long history of stupid-funny advertising continues this week with "Beer Chase," its latest faux-epic spot from Clemenger BBDO. The new :90 is a cops-and-robbers tale that cuts pretty quickly to the chase—although, amusingly, it's one that takes place entirely on foot. (Because what are you going to do, drink and drive?) It's basically the boozer's version of Saturn's famous old "Sheet Metal" spot, backed by an appropriately cheesy '80s anthem. "We used some poetic license with the locations so they would match your expectations of a classic car chase," said Ant Keogh, Clemenger ecd. Carlton Draught's previous hits include a notoriously big ad from 2005 and the slow-motion masterpiece from 2010. Credits after the jump.

Steven Seagal beefs up Australian beer ads

Anyone know what happened to Steven Seagal? He looks like a Macy's parade-float version of himself in this Australian's Carlton Dry campaign from Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne. That waxy sheen […]

Guys are extra slow in Carlton Draught spot

Men’s body parts need Carlton Draught beer

"Your weenis, your weenis, it's wrinkly and it's pink. Your weenis, your weenis, it's not what you might think!" That's just one lyrical sampling from Clemenger BBDO's musical "Any Excuse" […]