Bot Problem Keeps Getting Worse

You might think that all the attention placed on questionable traffic and bots and online ad fraud this past year would be having a big impact on the

Bots Infecting Nearly Half of Web Traffic, Per Report

If you are a glass half full-type of person, you might want to emphasize that 54 percent of Web advertising is not suspicious, as is 65 percent of mobile advertising.

Captcha System Lets You Pass Only If You Support Civil Rights

Civil Rights Defenders, an activist group, came up with a Captcha system that raises awareness of global civil-rights issues by bringing up a political topic—and then asking how you feel about it. It's pretty much the Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner, only of course it's supposed to root out spambots instead of rogue androids. (Upon reflection, those might be the same thing.) It's an interesting campaign, although it contradicts its own message of freedom somewhat by only accepting the "right" answer—one of the three prescribed emotions on offer. In a broader sense, though, any Captcha system that attempts to distinguish people from computers by way of human feeling is a better method than nonsense words that aren't even readable half the time. More images after the jump.