A Scrappy Shelter Dog in Need of Adoption Gets to Have a Blast in This Camera Ad

About 3,300 shelter dogs are euthanized every day in the U.S., and shelter dog adoption ads often depict them as sad, helpless creatures (think Sarah McLachlan's tearjerkers for the ASPCA, which show miserable dogs staring forlornly through the bars of cages).

This Week’s Must-Haves: an ’80s Arcade Favorite Goes High-Fashion

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a luxe backpack inspired by Pac-Man, a smart companion for potted plants and Canon's new selfie-ready photo printer. Take a look!

Canon’s Digital Billboards Help New Yorkers Take the Perfect Instagram Picture

Here's a fun way to step up your Instagram game. Starting today, Canon and 360i are setting up pop-up digital billboards around New York's most photographed locations to help people snap their best photos.

Find Out Why the Photographers in This Ad Shot a Man in Six Completely Different Ways

Canon Australia has released an ad that highlights how one critical piece of information can dramatically alter how photographers perceive—and shoot—you.

How Spongecell Helps Agencies Navigate the World of Automated Advertising

Specs Who CEO, co-founder Ben Kartzman (l.); chief product officer, co-founder Anthony Yam What Programmatic creative specialist Where New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London

Ad of the Day: Canon Highlights the Oddly Specific Moments You’ll Wish You Had Used a Printer

Print out your important stuff, people, or suffer the consequences.

12 Modern Tech Devices the Smithsonian Is Saving for Posterity

Ask what’s in the American history collection at the Smithsonian Institution, and most people will mention really old stuff like The Star-Spangled Banner or a few chunks of Plymouth Rock […]

Canon Wants to See the Movie Trailer for Your Life Story

The explosion of mobile photography and user-generated content has turned practically everyone into a professional creative these days, or at least that's what Canon hopes to convey in its newest project.

U.S. Media Agency of the Year: MediaCom’s Team-First Approach Landed a Ton of New Business in 2014

Last August, during final presentations for Anheuser-Busch InBev's $575 million domestic planning and buying assignment, Sasha Savic took his vow to raise the creative bar at MediaCom to a whole new level. Fittingly, he did so in a pub.

Ad of the Day: Stressful Week? Watch This Beautifully Serene Ad About Urban Deer

Sometimes, the most attention-grabbing thing you can put in an ad is silence. That's definitely the case with this lovely ad from Canon Europe and agency JWT London. The 90-second spot features footage carefully gathered from a London/Essex suburb near Epping Forest, where deer emerge each night to roam the streets, yards and parks while residents sleep.