Inside ‘The Field Trip to Mars,’ the Single Most Awarded Campaign at Cannes 2016


Heat Employees Who Weren’t Invited to Cannes Threw Their Own Rosé-Filled Party

After winning its first Lion at Cannes last year, and making a big first impression, Heat San Francisco was ready to send its agency full-force to the creative festival this year.

How to Win a Cannes Media Lion in 2017: Insider Advice From a First-Time Juror

Even the most experienced Cannes Lions attendee doesn't really know what to expect when she or he is a judge for the first time. I'd heard the stories, of course: long days, locked away in windowless rooms, headphones on, reviewing hundreds of entries. Would it be exhilarating? Would it be fun? Would I be glad I'd done it? 

This Stripped-Down, High-Tech Vehicle Could Change Auto Advertising Forever

When you're shooting an automotive commercial, why bother using the actual car being advertised? That's so 2015. Wouldn't it save time, money and effort to employ a motorized, highly malleable rig that could transform into virtually any car on the planet? A rig you could use over and over to stand in for different makes and models? Production and visual effects company The Mill—working in tandem with JemFX, Performance Filmworks and Keslow Camera—won a coveted Innovation Lion at Cannes last month (one of only nine such Lions bestowed) for developing such a vehicle.It's called the Blackbird. At the push of a button, it can change its length by four feet and its width by 10 inches, as well as alter its wheels and suspension. This allows the rig to mimic just about any chassis design—plus, its programmable electric motor lets it adopt a wide range of driving characteristics. 

Grey Grudgingly Returns Bronze Lion It Won at Cannes for Questionable ‘I SEA’ App

Without acknowledging any wrongdoing, Grey Group said Wednesday it is returning the Bronze Lion it won at the Cannes festival last month for a refugee-locating app that some critics had deemed fake—and which the agency itself said was not yet usable.

2 Young Creatives Made One of the Most Celebrated Ads at Cannes in Just 48 Hours

The Young Lions competition at Cannes is a stressful thing. You get briefed by a nonprofit on the Wednesday during the festival, and then you have 48 hours to come up with an idea, shoot original footage (on a camera the festival provides) and edit it all into a 60-second film. It's then presented to the Film jury, featuring some of the top creatives in the business.It's a lot of pressure for the young creatives who compete. But this year's French team—comprised of Gautier Fage and Julien Bon, two twentysomething creatives at Paris agency Romance—rose to the challenge with a remarkable piece for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals initiative.

See the Nivea Campaign That John Hegarty Called the Stupidest Thing He’s Ever Seen

Ready for a sunscreen-shitting seagull?Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and all-around advertising legend, was jury president of the Titanium and Integrated Lions at Cannes this year. And his jury recognized plenty of brilliant work, including the Titanium Grand Prix winner, REI's #OptOutside campaign.But at the press conference announcing the winners, Hegarty didn't open his remarks by talking about the top-notch work. He opened by mentioning a Nivea campaign that was so shockingly wretched, it's a wonder it was entered at Cannes at all. In fact, it's a wonder it's not a parody.

What 2 Young Creatives Learned During Their First Trip to Cannes

Each year at the Cannes Lions festival a group of creatives under the age of 30 from all around the world are invited to attend and participate in the Young Lions Competition. A winning entry in one of the seven categories gives creatives a pair of tickets to the festival and a chance to compete in a second round of the competition.

Jaguar Gave People the Craziest VR Experience Ever With This Sneaky Prank

Jaguar's "Actual Reality" prank from a few months ago just won big at Cannes, taking home four Lions (a gold, two silvers and a bronze). It also would have probably given me a heart attack if I'd participated.

A Volkswagen Drives a Trailer Backwards at High Speed in This Marvelous Campaign

Imagine walking down the street, going about your business, and seeing a car-towed box trailer whizzing past—backwards.You might imagine you had stumbled onto the set of an action movie. Or perhaps it's a Norwegian Volkswagen campaign from agency Try Oslo that picked up four Lions last week in Cannes, including gold in the Promo category, as well as silvers in Outdoor and PR and a bronze in Film.